Looking to transform your retail banking?

Our core business focuses on delivering a wide-range of solutions for automation of financial operations covering banking areas such as retail banking services, portfolio management, and savings, current and fixed deposit accounts. The solutions also offer multiple delivery channels and back office processes coupled with integrated general ledger. Other operations covered by our solutions are critical non-banking functions such as; micro-finance management and statutory reporting amongst others.

We also offer client-facing solutions in electronic delivery channels such as ATM & POS management, reconciliation and settlement, mobile, agency banking and Internet banking Systems.

Our solutions are;
  • Retail banking solutions
  • ATM Switch systems
  • Mobile Banking Solutions
  • ICT Consulting
  • Reporting and Business intelligence
  • Project management
  • Systems Integration

    RETAIL BANKING - We focus on delivering solutions in E-­‐banking, ATM & POS management, recon and settlement, Mobile banking and Internet Banking Systems

    Why Choose Us?


    Mr. Paul Mathu
    Paul is the founder of Apex software limited, He has over 12 years’ experience in systems design, implementation and support. He is a certified project manager trained professional in Management Information Systems and has a MBA in Strategy. He has implemented banking systems in Kenya, Uganda, Malawi, Benin, New Zealand, Nigeria and Ghana. He has had vast experience in project management where he headed implementations for financial management systems.
    Mr. Gerald Kihahu
    Head Product Development
    Gerald holds a Degree in Computer Studies. In addition he has certifications in CISCO and JAVA He commands a good mastery of banking and Sacco operations. During his 10+ years’ experience, Gerald has served as an Senior technical consultant in leading software company for over 8 years. Gerald has conducted several successfully software developments both in Kenya and around the world.
    Mr. Weston Kirakura
    Project Manager
    Weston holds a degree in Information Technology. Weston is a systems engineer and has worked for both banking and insurance institutions on systems development, implementation, support and maintenance. He was a lead developer for Horizons Africa doing insurance software before joining Apex software ltd and is in the support and implementations team. He has very strong training skills. He is the lead trainer at Apex Softwares Ltd.
    Mr. Peter Thirikwa
    Chief Technical Officer
    Peter holds a degree in Information Technology.He is a Management Information Systems (MIS) expert with over 13 years’ experience in software analysis, database design and web application development. He has worked as a senior systems developer in charge of developing various application modules and integrations; He conducted projects implementations in Africa, Caribbean and Asia as lead developer.