November 11, 2014
November 11, 2014


Apex CBS supports Micro Finance and Co-operative operations with comprehensive and flexible workflows and group lending features. Financial success in group lending is not just about the number of groups —it is about proper managing of your membership. Group Lending Modules in Apex Core Banking System can provide your business with streamlined, end-to-end group management solution. Timely and accurate information about group’s status and portfolio management can help you maximize your organization’s cash flow while automated calculations and refined details help drive efficiency. With robust group management functionality, including registration, Group positing, Exits, Reinstatements and Group portfolio reports, you be able to make decisions to stay ahead of the competition with changing business environment while strengthening critical business relationships.

In Savings and Credit Cooperative Societies (SACCO), Apex Core Banking System is designed to enable the management monitor and keep track of members’ share contributions and loan repayments. The GLs, budgeting and assets register tools further help Sacco management easily focus on critical aspects of the business by automating routine accounting activities and most of all producing reports that are essential indicators of a sacco’s overall financial health and outlook. All these modules include tablet supported field work models.